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How You Can Plan for Easy Factoring of Accounts Receivable

From our vast knowledge and experience, we can help speed your factoring application to approval by providing you with the necessary information that is required during the application procedure. Our goal is to help you obtain successful factoring of accounts receivable in the easiest possible way.

You Can Help Yourself

First and foremost, you need to fill out and fax us the application we will provide for you. It will ask basic questions about your company and type of business, as well as some financial information. We will also need to know the approximate number of accounts and invoices you wish to factor and your estimated monthly volume to factor. Also, please compile a list of your customers including names, addresses, zip codes, and phone numbers.

If you are in the transportation industry, you will need to provide your motor carrier number, trailer type, and number of trucks. Transportation companies will also need to provide copies of the following: ICC Authority; insurance, cargo and liability with Eagle Capital as Certificate Holder; and aged accounts payable.

As soon as you fax your completed application, your personal customer service representative will contact you to discuss the specifics about your account and any additional documents you may need to provide.

Once your contract is complete, you’re an official member of the Eagle family! We will take on the responsibility of getting payment from your customer, and you no longer have to deal with paperwork or hassle with phone calls. You will simply send us the invoice, and we will send you payment – usually the same day we receive the invoice.

When you trust Eagle, you get the support of an entire back office of professionals while gaining more time to serve your customers. What could be better? Call us at 1-800-483-7079 to get started!