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Is it Time to Switch Factoring Companies?

We believe change is a good thing! You’ve probably heard great stories about Eagle as a factoring company and how we have helped improve the funding for small businesses. You may still wonder how easy it is to switch factoring companies and whether this will have an impact on your cash flow and the running of your business. We will ensure the changeover is efficient, effective, and meets your exact needs.

Have You Had a Factoring Experience Go Wrong?

When small business owners meet, they will share some good news, but they are also prone to telling war stories about when actions have gone wrong and companies have caused them problems in the past. Changing factoring companies seems daunting, but it is our goal to ensure the difficulties are removed and that your cash flow can remain consistent with your needs.

Factoring is just a necessary evil to keep cash flow going? Not at Eagle! We’re a true financial partner that is invested in your business! Our promises are never empty, and our customer service is second to none. Our customers describe us as professional, honest, thorough, and excellent, and when you switch to Eagle, you’ll see why.

Switching to Eagle is easy and worry-free.

Once you call us, we will get the process started immediately so that you’re never without a source of funding. When we receive your completed application, the hardest part of the process is over! Your personal Eagle representative will then contact you to discuss the final documents you’ll need to submit. By talking to us at the earliest possible stage, we may be able to identify any elements that are going to slow the switch and suggest any ways possible to move any stumbling blocks.

Your customers will appreciate the switch!

You will need to inform your customers that you are changing to a new factoring company. By being positive in the manner that you deal with the change, your clients are unlikely to be worried about your decision to change to a different factoring company. Best of all, once they hear from our friendly representatives at Eagle, they’ll be glad you switched too!

Ready to make a change? Call Eagle now! 1-800-483-7079