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How Account Receivable Factoring keeps your business running at lightning speed

In today’s competitive business climate, time is money, and while you can’t buy more time, time can definitely cost you everything. It may be cliché to repeat, but for many businesses, receiving payments on time is the difference between continuing operations and shutting down.

Businesses need cash flow for a variety of reasons. Employees need to be paid, materials need to be bought, and bills need to be settled. All of these obligations loom for businesses who struggle to come up with the money to pay their bills.  Not because they are broke, but because they can’t collect the money they’ve already earned quickly enough — money owed to them by their customers and clients which has yet to be paid.

But what if a company could skip the wait for these funds and receive cash right away in order to pay more pressing liabilities? That is precisely the service offered by invoice factoring companies like Eagle.

Most business owners and managers are unaware that this option is available to them.  Eagle’s process is simple and the most efficient concept in the factoring industry. First of all, we recognize that account receivable factoring is not like traditional financing, which is based on a company’s ability and willingness to pledge its assets in exchange for borrowed working capital. Our method is based on the value of your work and the financial standing of your customers. Eagle will buy your invoices —  giving you immediate access to your money – not money you’ve borrowed from the bank. In this way, you never have to wait for the accounts to be settled, and you never have to settle up with a bank.  Eagle then takes on the responsibility of collecting from your customers so that you can focus your time on your business rather than chasing the money you’ve already earned.

Eagle Capital is proud of the service we provide to other businesses and the reputation we’ve earned. Our company is family owned and has almost two decades of experience providing financial solutions to companies in various industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and construction (just to name a few). Our goal is to always be straightforward and responsible in all of our operations.

We respect our clients enough to offer our services to them completely free of liability.  If we approve your customers for funding, and you perform the work as requested,  your company will not be on the hook for the balance if the customer doesn’t pay.  We absorb the loss for you! Our non-recourse funding approach means your financial statement is always clean when you factor with Eagle.

If you have ever needed quick business funding in your line of work, it may be time to look at invoice factoring companies. Eagle exists to provide businesses in need of immediate cash flow with the funds to keep them running at top speed. Call one of our helpful representatives at 1-800-483-7079 or apply online today!