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Eagle President Joe Estess has been there. He built a company from scratch and kept it running through lean times and boom times. He shares his wealth of business experience with Eagle’s clients and friends. Take a listen.

How to Factor Successfully

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Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from your factoring partner. Use these simple guidelines to grow your business.

Are You Ready for the Rebound?

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Better days could be right around the corner. Will you be ready to take advantage of them? Follow these steps to find new business.

Plan for Success

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Thinking of going out on your own? Make sure you’ve got a solid business plan before you make the first move. Here’s your roadmap to success.

Slow, Steady Growth Wins the Race

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Take a lesson from Joe’s own experience—don’t spring for top-of-the-line equipment until you have top revenue. Overspending before you start can doom your business.

When High-Tech Won’t Help

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Technology is a great thing, but not the ONLY thing. People and relationships should drive your business. Smart tech is key to growth, but so are smart people.

We Support Ooida

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Sometimes, independent businesses need help from their friends. A thriving professional association like the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association can support you and help you succeed.

Picking the Right Partner

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Keeping your business healthy often depends on the people you do business with. Pick someone who will grow with you and not hold you back.

Funding to Grow On

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For the liquidity you need to grow, depend on accounts receivable funding. Don’t be limited by a bank line of credit.

Joe Knows Good Manners

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Smart business owners know: a heartfelt thank you note is one of the best tools you can use to build relationships and gain new business.

Furniture Manufacturing in America

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If you’re in the furniture business, you know how important it is to have a funding partner that is stable and provides great service. For this, look to Eagle.