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Eagle Capital Corporation Offers Improved Rebate Processes

Tupelo, Mississippi, April 3, 2017: Eagle Capital Corporation is pleased to announce the company is offering new and improved rebate processes to allow clients to receive their money faster than ever. The non-recourse accounts receivable factoring company partners with a variety of clients to help their businesses thrive by providing instant cash, aiding with daily accounting tasks and more.

Eagle is now allowing customers to receive rebates through the Federal Reserve’s ACH Network, via email or by wire, instead of receiving paper checks. By eliminating checks and implementing the new processes, clients will receive rebates more safely without the worry of checks getting lost in the mail, and money no longer needs to be spent on postage. The new methods are more efficient and faster since checks no longer have to be cashed. In some cases, rebates can be received in a matter of minutes.

The company is designed to make things easier for clients by undertaking all the tedious legwork for companies that lack the time or resources. For example, Eagle negotiates on clients’ behalf with a network of more than 50,000 companies to see who has the best rebate options available to ensure timely payment.

For more information about these improved rebate services, visit the website at Eagle Capital Corporation or call 1-662-840-0433.

About Eagle Capital Corporation: Eagle Capital Corporation is a Tupelo, Mississippi, non-recourse accounts receivable factoring business that partners with a multitude of companies to assist them in helping their businesses run smoothly. Eagle focuses on helping their clients thrive by collaborating with other companies to see who can offer the best rebate options. Eagle also helps their clients meet demands, fill new orders and complete daily accounting tasks.

Company: Eagle Capital Corporation
Address: 2605 Old Belden Circle
City: Tupelo
State: MS
Zip code: 38801
Telephone number: 1-662-840-0433